Engineering Services – Plan & Scheme of Exam

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ESE Notification

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General Studies and Engineering Apptitude Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

Plan of Examination:

The Examination shall be conducted according to the following plan:

1. Stage-I: Preliminary Examination (Objective Type Papers) for the selection of candidates for the Stage-II – Mains Examination;

2. Stage-II: Mains Examination (Conventional Type Papers) and

3. Stage-III : Personality Test

Preliminary/Stage-I Examination
Paper I – General Studies and Engineering Aptitude
2 hrs.
Paper II – Engineering branch Paper
3 hrs.
Mains/Stage-II Examination:
Engineering Branch- Paper I
3 hrs.
Engineering Branch- Paper II
3 hrs.
Stage III – Personality Test

Scheme of Examination:

1. The Engineering Services (Preliminary/Stage-I) Examination will consist of two objective type (multiple choices) questions papers and carrying a maximum of 500 marks (Paper 1 – 200 Marks & Paper II – 300 Marks).

2. The Engineering Services (Mains/stage-II) Examination will consist two conventional type papers in Engineering Discipline specific with duration of three hours and maximum marks of 600 (300 Marks in each paper).

3. The Stage-III will consist of Personality Test carrying 200 Marks.

4. The candidates must pass Stage I to appear for Stage II examination and Stage II examination to be called for Interview.

5. For declaring the final result marks scored in Stage I, Stage II and Stage III or Preliminary Examination, Main Examination and Interview – all will be considered. So candidates in order to get good ranking must perform well in all the 3 stages.

Special Instructions:

1. Conventional papers must be answered in English. Question papers will be set in English only.

2. Marks will not be allotted for mere superficial knowledge.

3. Deduction up to 5 per cent of the maximum marks for the written papers will be made for illegible handwriting.

4. Credit will be given for orderly, effective and exact expression combined with due economy of words in the conventional papers of the Examination.

5. In the question papers, wherever required, SI units will be used.

6. Candidates will be supplied with standard tables/charts in SI units in the Examination hall for reference purpose, wherever considered necessary.

7. Candidates are permitted to bring and use battery operated pocket calculators for Stage II papers only. Loaning or inter-changing of calculators in the Examination hall is not permitted. It is also important to note that candidates are not permitted to use calculators for answering Objective Type Paper (Test booklets). They should not, therefore, bring the same inside the Examination Hall.

8. Candidates should use only International form of Indian numerals (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc.) while answering question papers.

9. Reservations will be made for candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes and Physically Disabled Category in respect of vacancies as may be fixed by the Government of India.

10. Recruitment on the results of this examination will be made to the Services/ Posts under the following categories:
a). Category I-Civil Engineering.
b). Category II-Mechanical Engineering.
c). Category III-Electrical Engineering.
d). Category IV-Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering.

You can download the Plan and Scheme of examination here:

Plan and Scheme