Combined Geo-Scientist and Geologist Examination 2018 – Preparation Plan

  Union Public Service Commission of India has published timetable for Combined Geo-Scientist and Geologist Examination 2018. The exam will take place on June 29, 30 and July 1st of 2018. Those who have already started preparation, those who are doing their Masters and those who are working and struggling to find time to prepare for this exam, here are some easy tricks to prepare well for exam.

  The exam is held for three days in a row and consists of five papers, including the English paper. If you are of Geology background then you have to study 19 subjects. Whether you are a graduate(you can only prepare but you must have post graduation to apply for), a postgraduate(or still studying), PhD holder(or still a research scholar), a lecturer or a student, 19 subjects will make you frustrate.

  If you have an attitude “Let’s see what will happen this year and how the question paper will be so that I can prepare well for next year examination”, please don’t do that! because you still have plenty enough time to prepare thoroughly. But for that, you have to start your preparation from today.There are 126 days left(as on 22-02-2018) for the examination. Get started today.

  Geology Paper-I consists of six main sections(subjects) viz., Geomorphology, Remote Sensing, Structural Geology, Geodynamics, Stratigraphy and Paleontology. From all the three papers of Geology, there are 18 subjects in total. Since the Hydrogeology paper covers all of its topics, consider it as one single section(subject) and total number of subjects you have to study for the exam will become 19.

  If you start preparation now, your preparation should be persistent and continuous. There must be at least 120 days continuity in the remaining 126 days. Otherwise, the preparation will be derailed. We’ve seen us fail every time trying to finish the entire syllabus the night before exam. But if you want to come out of this unsuccessful streak, you can follow our method:

  Geology Paper-I has six subjects. In a day you have to read 6 topics or questions from each of these six subjects and one topic from Hydrogeology syllabus.For example in Geology Paper- I, Section C: Geodynamics is a subject. ‘Earth and its internal structure’ is a single topic. In this way, there are about 800 topics in total from the 19 subjects. You can finish 840 topics in 120 days by reading 6-7 topics(or questions) everyday.

  It’s amazing !!!. But it’s very easy. This is how the schools cover the entire curriculum. Another alternative to adopt this: There are seven days a week. There are four papers in this exam (leaving English) with 19 subjects. Let’s start our week from monday. Study 6 questions and answers from Geology paper – I and 1 question and answer from Hydrogeology, so in total 7 Q and A a day. Tuesday, 6 questions and answers from Geology paper – II and 1 question and answer from Hydrogeology and similarly Wednesday – Geology Paper III. Repeat it for the next 3 days (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), In this way, in 120 days, it would be 40 times for 17 weeks. Each time you read 7 questions for 40 times, you read 840 questions. Without leaving any thing and reading comfortably without exam stress you will become familiar with the whole subject in the remaining 120 days.

  So, Good Luck.